11 months

Min. Investment

৳ 10,000

Projected ROI

17% annualized

Risk Grade



Colorpress Printing Industries is a printing business with a diverse portfolio serving renowned organizations.They are currently seeking investment for purchasing paper in bulk to cater to the high demand during the on-season.


This is a “buy-and-sell” (Murabahah) contract where investors can enjoy an ROI of 15.58%* over 11 months (17% annualized). 


 *subject to investment risk (details below) 

Fokirapool, Motijheel, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Colorpress Printing Industries (extended)

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The Business

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ColorPress Printing Industries is a government-approved modern printing facility with a diverse range of offerings encompassing marketing, packaging materials, books, and more.

ColorPress Printing Industries started its journey in 2020. During this relatively short time frame, the company has been able to on-board renowned publications of Bangladesh like Somokalin Prokashon, As-Sunnah Foundation, Mifta Prokashoni, Future Ummah BD, Shorobor, Little Ummah etc. ColorPress is seeking funds for purchasing papers in bulk to avoid the price volatility during the peak season. 

Address :
– Office: House #16, Main Road Bock G. Banasree Dhaka.  
– Factory: 135/134 Fakirapool Dhaka, (Opposite of Fakirapool Panir Tanki).


💡 Is the business Shariah-compliant?

The business model (selling Printing Service to the publications) is Shariah-compliant.
However, according to our Shariah Advisors, biniyog.io and the investors will NOT be liable if the day-to-day operations of the business are not fully Shariah-compliant.
This is because investors will be going into a Murabaha (sale contract), not profit-sharing or partnership. Please find contract details in the “Contract” section below.

💡 Is there any investment risk involved?

Investments have risks by definition, especially if they are halal. Please find possible risk details for this campaign in the “Risk” section below.

ColorPress Printing Industries is a partnership business. Mr. Nesar Uddin Rakib serves as the managing partner of ColorPress Printing Industries, leading a team of four specialists. The partner-group consists of a Chartered Accountant, a Technologist, a Business Strategist, and a Textile Engineer. 

  • Renowned and client base such as Somokalin Prokashon, As-Sunnah Foundation and others.
  • Consistent revenue flow 
  • Partners with ample knowledge and working experience in the industry  

The Contract

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The investment is for a period of 11 months, from November 2023 to October 2024.

Projected ROI: 15.58%

Projected ROI (annualized): 17

Example: If someone invests BDT 100k in the project, he/she can expect to receive a total of BDT 115.58k by October‘24.

  • Investors will go into a Murabaha agreement (sale contract) with Colorpress Printing Industries for purchasing paper and printing materials in bulk.
  • It will be a “buy-and-sell” process where investors will first buy the products through biniyog.io. Colorpress Printing Industries will then buy those products  from investors on credit and pay the amount after 11 months.
  • biniyog.io will act as an agent for the investors and buy the products, take necessary ownership and risk of asset possession on their behalf, and then sell to Color Press Printing Industries.
  • biniyog.io has proposed a price to Colorpress Printing Industries for the products after considering a minimum 15.58% profit on the actual cost of product procurement and Colour Press Printing Industries has agreed to it.

Shariah Compliance

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Investors appoint biniyog.io as an agent to deal on their behalf (Wakalah) and invest into the business through buy and sale of assets under a buy-and-sell (Bai Murabaha) agreement.

biniyog.io‘s Shariah advisors have approved the basis and application of this Murabahah contract.

Potential Risks

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  • Delayed payment from clients: Clients can defer the payments due to any avoidable and unavoidable reasons. Such an incident might jeopardize the business’ payment cycle. 
    • Colorpress Printing Industries’ strategy: The business often gets advance payment from a certain number of clients. Moreover, the business mostly deals with clients with good payment history. Therefore, such risk can be mitigated to a tolerable level. 
  • Economic Downturn or inflation: Economic recessions or downturns can lead to reduced consumer spending on non-essential items like Books. A decrease in consumer disposable income can result in lower sales for Publications as well as for Colour press Printing Industries. Moreover, inflationary pressure can lead to price hikes of raw materials of printing. 
    • Colorpress Printing Industries’ strategy: The business gets regular orders from Somokalin, one of its top clients, along with orders from As-Sunnah Foundation, Mifta Prokashoni etc. Additionally, the business will be purchasing raw materials in bulk with the fund to tackle any kind of uncertainty that might lead to price volatility of raw materials.
  • Maintenance of printing and cutting machines: Any Technical Issues of the printing and cutting machines might result in a temporary halt in the production (printing). Such situations might ultimately result in a significant plummet in the revenue and losing clients.
    • Colorpress Printing Industries’ strategy: The business conducts regular check-ups of the machines and other necessary steps to ensure that the machines do not face any major technical issues.
  • Possibility of political turmoil following the upcoming election: Our assessment assumes that there will be some macroeconomic turmoil towards the end of 2023 before the general election. This may impact any business.

biniyog.io has done in-house analyses of the projected returns of the business and they are expected to be able to repay on time considering their cash flow.

biniyog.io will buy the products on behalf of investors first and secure ownership. Colorpress Printing industries would have the right to reject the products due to quality etc. The risk is expected to be minimal since Colorpress Printing Industries will choose the items before biniyog.io buys them.

Colorpress Printing Industries will share a security cheque. Moreover, a guarantor will be introduced in the contract for adding an extra layer of security for the investors.


This investment opportunity is based on a first come first serve basis. Your investment is secured only after your transfer-proof has been received. If the investment quota is already filled, your transferred amount shall be returned.

Return of your capital is NOT guaranteed. Investment, by default, requires a risk appetite. Past performance is not a guaranteed indicator of future outcomes.

biniyog.io only acts as a consultant to the investor and the business, and does NOT manage funds for any party.

biniyog.io does risk assessment to a certain extent, but will NOT be liable if the business does not perform as per expectation.

For any questions, please use the chat icon on the right or leave a message.

  • 09-10-2023

    This campaign is now live on biniyog.io!

    The funding campaign has started. The target is BDT 13.2 lac.