6 months

Min. Investment

৳ 10,000

Projected ROI

14-20% per annum

Risk Grade



Devnet Limited is an Enterprise Content Management company that specializes in providing software solutions to help organizations efficiently capture, store, manage, and distribute their digital content, such as documents, records, etc. The business is looking to raise funds to cater to a work order issued by a Korean Company (G2G project).  

This is a Musharakah contract where the business is offering to share the campaign profits where investors can expect to enjoy an ROI of 7%-10% (14%-20% annualized). 

*subject to investment risk (details below)

Kawran Bazar, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Devnet Limited

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The Business

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Written by the business

Devnet is one of the pioneers and first Bangladeshi ECM company providing end-to-end document management and workflow solutions and services. We are a 23 years old company. We provide Electronic Document Management Solutions, Workflow applications, Scanning and archiving services, and e-Governance application development. We also supply and distribute Documents, Books, and Map/Drawings scanners.

We are an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 27001:2005, and CMMI/SVC3 certified company and member of BASIS, BCS, DCCI, BACCO, and BGCCI.

Currently, we are working on a government project named “EDLMS” of the Ministry of Land and received the work order from SG&I, Korea (associate partner of Samsung) for scanning and data entry of RS/BS/Mutation Khatian, Scanning and digitization of Mouza maps. We are looking for investment for this specific project to be delivered.

Office Address: BDBL Bhaban (9th floor), 12, Kawran Bazar, Dhaka-1215

Explore:  Website | LinkedIn


💡 Is the business Shariah-compliant?

The business model (providing document management, workflow solutions and services) is Shariah-compliant.

💡 Is there any investment risk involved?

Investments have risks by definition, especially if they are halal. Please find possible risk details for this campaign in the “Risk” section below.

Written by the business

This is Syed Abu Md. Jafor, Managing Director of Devnet Limited. I am a business graduate having completed my M.Com in both Accounting and Management and I have also studied at ICMAB (Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Bangladesh). I joined this organization in 2001 and have been serving the organization since then. Devnet has a vision to be a globally reputed company in the ECM market segment and lead the digital transformation journey of the Government of Bangladesh.

  • Revenue generation from multiple wings.
  • Good connection with many renowned organizations helping in acquiring work-orders.
  • Capacity to cater large work-orders.

The Contract

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The investment is for a period of 6 months, from February 2024 to August 2024.

Projected ROI: 7%-10%

Projected ROI (annualized): 14%-20%

Example: if someone invests BDT 100k in the project, he/she can expect to receive a total of BDT 107k-110k in August 2024.

biniyog.io will be charging investors a 18.52% fee on their profits and a 0.5% fee on their investment (the latter is needed for Shariah compliance). The net ROI for the investors has been calculated after deducting biniyog.io’s fee.

Beginning of investment:

  • Investors will go into a Musharaka agreement (profit-loss sharing) with Devnet Limited
  • It will be a profit-sharing contract, where Devnet Limited will be using the investment amount as working capital to cater to a work order.
  • biniyog.io will act as an agent for the investors and collect necessary funds and deposit to the business account of Devnet Limited
  • biniyog.io will follow-up Devnet to ensure that the funds are being used to cater to that work order
  • biniyog.io has proposed a 73:27 split of the net profit generated during the specific work order and Devnet has agreed to it and investors will get an estimated of 14%-20% annualized ROI (after deducting biniyog.io’s fee from investor profit)

End of Investment:

  • Investors will be eligible to get the principal and profits (if any) from the financed work order within the mentioned investment period.
  • biniyog.io will verify the costs associated with completing the particular work order before calculating the final profit
  • The principal investment amount along with profit or loss will only be returned to the investor at the end of the investment period
  • If the business incurs a net loss over 6 months for this work order, investors will have to share the loss as per the 63.38% of loss incurred.

Shariah Compliance

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Investors invest into the business under a partnership (Musharakah) agreement that makes them eligible for receiving profits generated by the business. biniyog.io will act as an agent to deal on their behalf (Wakalah).

biniyog.io‘s Shariah advisors have approved the basis and application of this Musharakah contract.

Potential Risks

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  • Payment delay: Repayments may get delayed due to both external or internal factors. For example, if the work-order issuer does not get their payment on time, Devnet might also struggle to get their payments on time. This may significantly impact the business’s expected profit margin from this work-order.
    • Devnet’s strategy: The work orders served by the business is a part of a G2G project. Moreover, the business has a good level of connection with relevant stakeholders to get informed of any unexpected situation beforehand. Therefore, chances of payment default by such clients is considerably low.
  • Exchange rate dependency: The business will be receiving the payment from the work-order issuer in USD. Therefore, any volatility in the exchange rate can significantly impact the investor ROI. 
    • Devnet’s strategy: According to the contract signed by the business and the work-order issuer, it is mentioned that all the payment from the work-order issuer will be settled based on the prevailing market exchange rate at the time of settlement.  According to the macroeconomic indicators and expert opinions, it is highly unlikely that the exchange rate will decline (BDT will appreciate against the dollar rate). This means there is a chance that the business even has the chance to get more than the anticipated dollar rate at the time of settlement. 
  • Failure to deliver promised quality of work: In case the business fails to deliver the minimum required level of quality of work, the work-order issuer may halt the expected payment of the business. 
    • Devnet’s strategy: The business has vast experience in serving work-orders from many different organizations. It has successfully served over 50 organizations so far. Therefore, chances of failure to deliver the expected level of quality of work is quite unlikely.  

To ensure Shariah compliance, investors have to share a portion of losses (if incurred) over the 6-month investment period.

For example, if someone invests BDT 10k and the business incurs a loss of 5%, investors will bear 63.38% of the loss. That means the investor would get back BDT 9.6831k.

This may occur due to an unstable economy, political instability, domestic currency value appreciation against dollar value, etc.

Devnet Limited will share a security cheque with biniyog.io for keeping a layer of safety for the investors.


This investment opportunity is based on a first come first serve basis. Your investment is secured only after your transfer-proof has been received. If the investment quota is already filled, your transferred amount shall be returned.

Return of your capital is NOT guaranteed. Investment, by default, requires a risk appetite. Past performance is not a guaranteed indicator of future outcomes.

biniyog.io only acts as a consultant to the investor and the business, and does NOT manage funds for any party.

biniyog.io does risk assessment to a certain extent, but will NOT be liable if the business does not perform as per expectation.

For any questions, please use the chat icon on the right or leave a message.

  • 25-01-2024

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    This campaign is now live on biniyog.io! The funding campaign has started. The target is BDT 20 lac.