4 months

Min. Investment

৳ 10,000

Projected ROI

15% per annum

Risk Grade



Unishopr is looking to raise funds to facilitate purchase of pre-ordered products. Customers from Bangladesh can order products from US, Malaysia and India, and UniShopr delivers on their behalf by charging a fee. They have successfully raised financing from the platform once, and paid back 2 instalments on time. Your financing will help them get big value order during sales like “Black Friday” and “Christmas”. This is a halal “buy-and-sell” (Murabaha) campaign, and investors will be able to enjoy an ROI of about 5%* (15% annualized) for an investment period of 4 months.

*subject to investment risk (details below)

Niketon, Dhaka, Bangladesh

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The Business

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Unishopr is a unique platform that allows customers to pre-order products from foreign countries (US, India, Malaysia). They facilitate the purchase on behalf of customers and sells to them after importing.

UniShopr ensures this convenient digital logistics service through a sharing economy and crowd-sourcing model. Cross-border travellers can monetize their unused luggage space which in turn supports the local consumers who wish to shop from international marketplaces. In a broader perspective, this concept aims to ignite a significant growth of the global e-commerce industry.

The platform has been growing fast in both B2B and B2C spaces. Currently they are targeting big ‘Sale campaigns’ (like Black Friday) to generate substantial pre-orders. After getting the pre-orders, they will need financing to actually purchase the products within a very short window. They have already raised financing from biniyog.io once and has repaid two instalments within due time.

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💡 Is the business Shariah-compliant?

  • The business model (purchasing and importing from abroad) is Shariah-compliant
  • However, according to our Shariah Advisors, biniyog.io and the investors will NOT be liable if the day-to-day operations of the business are not fully Shariah-compliant.

    This is because investors will be going into a Murabaha (sale contract), not profit-sharing or partnership. Please find contract details in the “Contract” section below.

💡 Is there any investment risk involved?
Investments have risks by definition, especially if they are halal. Please find possible risk details for this campaign in the “Risk” section below.

Md Mohiminul Haque is a well-educated entrepreneur with a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial and Production Engineering (IPE) and a Masters degree in Supply Chain Management.

He has been involved in international logistics, business development and technology management over the last 5 years. Mohimin is very passionate about learning new technologies and believes in result-driven projects. At present, he is working to improve the logistics industry by putting smart logistics systems in place.

  • Founder and team with industry experience and domain knowledge
  • Products are pre-ordered by established customer base, so inventory risk is negligible
  • Established logistics channels through their registered agents, minimizing import hassle

The Contract

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The investment is for a period of 4 months, from the middle of December 2022 to middle of April 2023, payment to be cleared by the middle of April 2023.

  • Projected ROI (for the duration of the project): 5.0%
  • Projected ROI (annualized): 15%

biniyog.io will NOT charge the investors any fees for this service. 

Example: if someone invests BDT 100k in the project, he/she can expect to receive a total of about BDT 105k by middle of April 2023 in instalments.

  • Investors will go into a Murabaha agreement (sale contract) with Unishopr
  • It will be a “buy-and-sell” contract, where investors will first buy products that Unishopr needs and Unishopr will then buy those items from investors on credit at a markup price and pay the amount in pre-agreed instalments.
  • biniyog.io will act as an agent for the investors and buy the products and take necessary ownership and risk of asset possession on their behalf, and then sell to Unishopr
  • biniyog.io has proposed that a markup price of 5.0% on actual cost (product and transportation) will be charged to the business, and Unishopr has agreed to it
  • Investors can expect to get their returns in 6 months and 2 instalments:
    • 30% by middle of Mar’23
    • Remaining 70% by middle of April

Shariah Compliance

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Investors appoint biniyog.io as an agent to deal on their behalf (Wakalah) and invest into the business through buy and sale of assets under a buy-and-sell (Bai Murabaha) agreement.

biniyog.io‘s Shariah advisors have approved the basis and application of this Murabahah contract.

Potential Risks

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  • Exchange rate risk: We have seen abnormal trends in the price of US dollar in the last couple of months. Unishopr is prone to this risk. During the volatile period of the last few months, the exchange rate changed significantly, and Unishopr faced some difficulties. Big changes in the dollar rate again may result in incurring loss for the business in future.
    • Unishopr’s strategy: The business has decided to fix suppliers and prices by paying an advance, and later pay the full amount once amount is raised. This will allow them to combat volatile exchange rate risk.
  • Possibility of products getting damaged during transportation: Baggage handling in airports can lead to the possibility of products getting damaged. Damaged products are rejected by the buyers. Therefore, the business has to bear the risk of it. 
    • Unishopr’s strategy: Unishopr communicates with the travelers the processes to bring in the products safely. But if such an incident occurs, biniyog.io investors may have to bear some of the cost, resulting in lower profit.
  • Volatile macroeconomic situation: The current economic situation has become quite unpredictable. Prices of almost every commodity have gone up significantly and the price hike is still going on. This issue has led to people spending less on non-essential items. Many businesses are currently struggling to maintain their business in this difficult situation.
    • Unishopr’s strategy: Unishopr’s target customers are expected to be less affected by the current economic situation. Because the demography that the business sells to are mostly upper middle-class to higher class people. Serving such segments keeps the business’ revenue stable and healthy.

Unishopr brings products through travelers who register with them.

Transporting through individuals has minimal risk and the travelers have been working with them for a long time. However, there is a small chance that products can go missing during baggage handling by airport officials and cargo crew. Unishopr considers that 3-4% of products can go missing due to mismanagement at the airport. They try to minimize this risk by frequent communication with the travelers and training them on how to address this risk.

Please note that, biniyog.io will buy the products on behalf of investors first to secure the ownership. (This is a necessary risk to ensure Shariah compliance of the transaction).

Since investors will have ownership till products reach Bangladesh, they have to consider the risk of any issues that may occur during transport. This may lead to lower than expected profit.

The instalment structure has been arranged such that the business can roll the funds throughout different festive period when ‘big sale campaigns’ season happen, like Black Friday and Christmas. So, business will not be burdened by large amounts of capital going out during the early period, and can ease repayments later.

biniyog.io has done in-house analyses of the projected returns of the business, and they are expected to be able to repay on time.


Please note that the business may be given an incentive in the form of a discount on early repayment, which can only come in effect if the investors agree.

Following example is an illustration:
If the business repays within 3 months, the markup profit can be 4% (instead of 5%). This benefits both parties – the business has to pay back less and investors get their money back faster at a higher annual rate of return (e.g. 4% in 3 months means 16% per annum)

Unishopr will share instalment cheques with biniyog.io. A personal guarantee security cheque will also be kept from the business owner.


This investment opportunity is based on a first come first serve basis. Your investment is secured only after your transfer-proof has been received. If the investment quota is already filled, your transferred amount shall be returned.

Return of your capital is NOT guaranteed. Investment, by default, requires a risk appetite. Past performance is not a guaranteed indicator of future outcomes.

biniyog.io only acts as a consultant to the investor and the business, and does NOT manage funds for any party.

biniyog.io does risk assessment to a certain extent, but will NOT be liable if the business does not perform as per expectation.

For any questions, please use the chat icon on the right or leave a message.

  • 20-11-2022

    This campaign is now live on biniyog.io!

    The funding campaign has started. The target is BDT 15 lac.