8 months

Min. Investment

৳ 10,000

Projected ROI

17% annualized

Risk Grade



Wearix is a sportswear brand. It sells high-end t-shirts, shorts, and jerseys made of superior cloth designed mainly for athletes. The business needs funds to purchase premium-quality fabric in bulk.

 The business has repaid 45% of its repayment of the previous campaign.

Investors can expect to get an ROI of 11.33%* over 8 months (17% annualized).


*subject to investment risk (details below)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Wearix [2]

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The Business

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Wearix is a sports clothing brand in Bangladesh. They have a good network among the national level sports players in Cricket, Football, Hockey etc. 

By leveraging the network, they are acquiring customers both in B2B (event-based and shop sales) and B2C (direct sale to customers). 

They are seeking investment to purchase premium quality fabric for manufacturing and sell it using both the B2B and the B2C channels.

The business has repaid 45% of its repayment of the previous campaign.

Shop/warehouse address: Ambagan, adjacent to Jahangirnagar University, Savar, Dhaka. 

Explore: Facebook | Instagram | Website

💡 Is the business Shariah-compliant?

  • The business model (selling jerseys, t-shirts, jockers,  etc.) is Shariah-compliant
  • However, according to our Shariah Advisors, biniyog.io and the investors will NOT be liable if the day-to-day operations of the business are not fully Shariah-compliant.

    This is because investors will be going into a Murabaha (sale contract), not profit-sharing or partnership. Please find contract details in the “Contract” section below.

💡 Is there any investment risk involved?

Investments have risks by definition, especially if they are halal. Please find possible risk details for this campaign in the “Risk” section below.

Md Tanvir Siddiqui Saimun is the proprietor of Wearix. He is from Kaliganj, Satkhira. He is currently a student at Jahangirnagar University. This has not stopped him from pursuing a business of his own. His dream is to build a Bangladesh sports brand that will have international exposure by 2030. 

  • Business owner has a good level of networking in the sports arena of Bangladesh.
  • Owner with good brand-building insights and connections.
  • Strong online presence

The Contract

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The investment is for a period of 8 months, from December 2023 to August 2024

Projected ROI (for the duration of the project): 11.33%
Projected ROI (annualized): 17%

biniyog.io will NOT charge the investors any fees for this service. 

Example: if someone invests BDT 100k in the project, he/she can expect to receive a total of about BDT 111.33k within August 2024 in instalments. 

  • Investors will go into a Bai Muajjal agreement (sale on credit contract) with Wearix for purchasing fabrics.
  • It will be a “buy-and-sell” process where investors will first buy products through biniyog.ioWearix will then buy those items from investors on credit and pay the amount over 8 months.
  • biniyog.io will act as an agent for the investors and buy the products, take necessary ownership and risk of asset possession on their behalf, and then sell to Wearix.
  • biniyog.io has proposed a price to Wearix for the products after considering a minimum 11.33% profit on the actual cost of product procurement. Wearix has agreed to it.

Shariah Compliance

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Investors appoint biniyog.io as an agent to deal on their behalf (Wakalah) and invest in the business through buy and sale of assets under a Bai Muajjal agreement. 

biniyog.io‘s Shariah advisors have approved the basis and application of this Bai Muajjal contract.

Potential Risks

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  • Not being able to maintain the expected timeline: Since Wearix takes services from third-party agents instead of direct service providers, the products might not get delivered on time. This can lead to a significant drop in revenue if it happens right before any peak season. Moreover, dispersion in quality from the expectation/standard can result in revenue as well. The business has faced this issue once previously. 
    • Wearix’s strategy: Wearix’s plan is to first look at a sample of the product to make sure it is well-made. After quality control has been made sure of, the products will be made. By taking this step, the problem with the third party can be mitigated.
  • Failure to execute and carry out impactful marketing plans: The business has a high online presence. A major portion of sales is generated online for Wearix. Failure to implement impactful marketing strategies will set the business back to generate the expected level of sales.
    • Wearix’s strategy: The business is already in talks with some star players to make them its brand ambassador. The business is also looking to expand into the Universities as a lot of sports events and tournaments are organized in almost every university. The owner of the business uses his personal connections to reach out to those organizers who are in charge of arranging sports events and tournaments.     
  • Inflation: An increase in the price of raw materials would have an effect on selling prices to local buyers, possibly resulting in a decrease in sales volume.
    • Wearix’s strategy: Wearix has a diversified customer base. Having customers with different demographic profiles enables the business to set its pricing with required adjustments.
  • Possibility of political turmoil following the upcoming election: Our assessment assumes that there will be some macroeconomic turmoil towards the end of 2023 before the general election. This may impact any kind of business.

biniyog.io has done in-house analyses of the projected returns of the business and they are expected to be able to repay on time considering their cash flow.

biniyog.io will buy the products on behalf of investors first and secure ownership. Wearix would have the right to reject the products due to quality etc. The risk is expected to be minimal since Wearix will choose the items before biniyog.io buys them.

This is a necessary risk to ensure Shariah compliance of the transaction.

Wearix will share a personal guarantee security cheque and installment cheques with biniyog.io. Moreover, a guarantor will be introduced in the contract to add an extra layer of security for the investors.


This investment opportunity is based on a first come first serve basis. Your investment is secured only after your transfer-proof has been received. If the investment quota is already filled, your transferred amount shall be returned.

Return of your capital is NOT guaranteed. Investment, by default, requires a risk appetite. Past performance is not a guaranteed indicator of future outcomes.

biniyog.io only acts as a consultant to the investor and the business, and does NOT manage funds for any party.

biniyog.io does risk assessment to a certain extent, but will NOT be liable if the business does not perform as per expectation.

For any questions, please use the chat icon on the right or leave a message.

  • 21-11-2023

    This campaign is now live on biniyog.io!

    The funding campaign has started. The Primary Goal is BDT 5 lacs.